Boarding & Rates

Boarding and Rates

Daehling Ranch offers the very best in boarding facilities for your horses at affordable rates. Our ranch is well maintained and all horses are cared for as if they were our own.

Our horse operation uses 280 acres of the ranch, including 200 acres of irrigated pastures watered on a routine basis. These pastures are fertilized twice a year so that they produce tall grasses and lush cover. The horse are kept in small, compatible groups and are moved weekly in order to give the grass time to grow. In addition, all horses are fed grain on a daily basis and nursing foals are fed free choice grain in a creep feeder.

The remaining 80 acres are used for winter paddocks for the rainy season. These paddocks have shelters and firm footing in the feeding areas. Mud fever or hoof abscesses are nearly non existent.

The irrigated pastures and dry paddocks are divided into safely fenced paddocks, varying from two to ten acres in size. The upper barn area provides 50 private stalls with many featuring private turnouts.

Pasture Boarders

$14.00 a day

Private Paddocks/Private Stall

$17.00 a day

Stallion Paddock

$20.00 a day

Breaking and Training

$38.00 a day




$4.00 a day

Weaning/Halter Breaking



$20.00 a day

boarding rates for elk grove horses